The Importance of Living Efficiently

When you hear the world “style,” what probably comes to mind involves fashion choices. And though having a sense of style does indeed refer to clothing preferences, the word style itself can be used to describe a multitude of things, including one’s style of life. So if everyone’s lifestyle has the potential to differ greatly, living an efficient lifestyle is subjective as well. However, the steps to achieve what you consider living efficiently are all similar. Before reading the following tips on how to live efficiently, you must first visualize what comes to mind when you think of time wasted and time well spent. Knowing the distinction between the two will allow you to better cater these tips to help yourself live an efficient life.

Sleeping Efficiently


If you’ve ever gotten a full night’s rest but still managed to wake up feeling like you’ve barely slept at all, then you’ll know the importance of sleeping efficiently. For the rest of you, sleeping efficiently means sleeping for its intended purpose – to make you feel well-rested. That means consistently going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Reduce your usage of anything involving a screen an hour or so beforehand. Following these tips will allow you to sleep more efficiently.

Eating Efficiently


Learning to eat efficiently is multi-faceted. First of all, regardless of whether or not you enjoy cooking, it is undeniably less efficient to eat fast food. Due to its convenience, it may seem efficient at first. However, by consuming so much low quality ingredients, you are slowing down your body and potentially harming your health. These factors can produce health issues in the long run, resulting in unwanted time in the hospital, etc. For those who do enjoy cooking, eating efficiently simply means letting yourself indulge in this activity while keeping in mind to cook with the most wholesome foods available to you.

Transport Yourself Efficiently

This one is a no-brainer. Rather than taking your car everywhere, maybe plan on a few bike rides. Though this is more time-consuming, as we’ve seen, time is hardly the only factor when considering efficiency. Riding a bike, or walking, not only incorporates more cardio into your life, but it saves you money as well.

Working Efficiently


Working efficiently is something everyone can do. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy your current job, it is (until the moment of resignation or promotion) your job. So the focus should then turn to how to complete this job in the most efficient way possible. In order to do this, you might have to get theoretical. Think about what the purpose of your job is. Whatever it is, changing your mindset can lead to more work being done with less time wasted.

Exercising Efficiently

Remember that the goal of exercise is to improve your body’s health. Exercising becomes wasteful when you end up spending more on exercise clothes, equipment, and gym memberships than you actually do exercising. To exercise efficiently, take advantage of free resources. And if you still think a gym membership would be useful, just make sure you dedicate yourself to spending time there in order to make the money well spent.

Entertaining Yourself Efficiently

This may be the most difficult step to take. Entertaining yourself efficiently means weighing the amount of entertainment you are getting versus the amount of money or unwanted time spent on it. Going to theatres is a prime example. It is perhaps one of the most expensive ways to entertain yourself for only a couple hours (especially if you are also spending money at the concessions). Brainstorm all the free ways you can entertain yourself without spending so much money and consider all the hours that are being put into these activities.  

If you’re still unsure behind the meaning of living efficiently, visual yourself in your old age. How will you feel thinking back to all the countless hours and evenings watching Netflix? If that answer is “great,” then, by all means, continue to do so. But if your answer is anything else, maybe it’s time to start living more efficiently.